Hankook Tyres

Hankook Tire make a range of different winter tyre models to meet your winter driving needs. The Winter i*cept evo is a winter tyre developed for high performance and sports cars. This sporty and dynamic looking tyre provides excellent performance in winter weather conditions. The Winter i*cept evo employs an asymmetrical tread pattern to improve responce to slippery winter conditions, including wet and frigid road surfaces and snow and ice. Winter weather performance is enhaced with a High-Technology Tread compound while the outer longitudinal rib block produces exceptional handling and braking.  The Optimo 4S H730 has been developed by Hankook to provide motorists with reliable performance in all four seasons. The tyre's unique tread pattern has been developed in such a way that the inside maximises performance in winter conditions while the outside enhances grip during the summer. More information can be found on www.hankooktire-eu.com/uk.