Continential Tyres

Continental’s new Generation 3 represents a milestone in the premium segment of commercial vehicle tyres. Continuing the legacy of its second generation tyres, Continental is redefining the tyre market with their customer-oriented problem-solving approach. The aim of Generation 3 is to provide a tyre range perfectly tuned to customers’ applications. On doing so, their engineers have focused on specific benefits tailored to the particular segment – such as fuel efficiency, mileage, safety, comfort and durability. Within the People segment, for instance, Continental has gone the extra mile by developing tailored applications which provide undeniable safety for each type of transportation. One such example is the Conti Coach, which leads the tyre market with an "A" grade in wet braking on the EU Tyre Label. Continental’s Generation 3 has the right tyre for every application and type of terrain. Whether you need to take the motorway, regional roads, or even venture off roads, the new premium German-engineered tyres never come short of providing the ideal journey. More information and product range can be found by viewing