Bike Tyres

We are pleased to offer a ride-in service for bike tyres. Over the years, Ian Brown Tyres has become a recognised force in supplying and fitting motorbike tyres. Our highly trained staff know their bikes well - we fit tyres to bikes according to the manufacturers' recommendations. Our customers seem to agree - they come not only from Malton, but from all over North Yorkshire. Whether you are looking for tyres for a sportsbike, a custom motorbike, a tourer or a scooter, we can supply most brands at competitive prices.

The legal limit is 1mm of tread depth. We will check your tyres free of charge and there's no need to book. Tyres on motorcycles, even more so than on other vehicles, are vital for the safe performance and handling of the bike. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your tyres in top condition.

Always ensure that both front and rear tyres are correctly inflated and check tyre pressure regularly. Tyre pressure has a direct influence on the performance and wear of your tyres.

In order for your new tyres to provide optimum performance we strongly advise that they should be ridden very cautiously for at least the first 60 miles in order to condition and settle them on the rim, this allows the tread surface to be “scuffed-in” and function properly.

Michelin Tyres

Michelin is committed to constantly improving its range by continuing to innovate and bring new products to the market. Michelin continuously push safety, riding pleasure and longevity. The range includes tyres for racing, road, city, trail and off-road. Popular road tyres are the Power 3, Pilot Power 2CT, Pilot Road 4, Pilot Road 4 Trail and Anakee III. Popular Trail and Off-Road tyres are Enduro, Strarcross, AC10 and Trail Comp. More information can be found by viewing

Bridgestone Tyres

Always in high demand, Bridgestone have a tyre for every occasion. They have tyres for sport, touring, adventure, custom, race, off-road and scooter. The tyre range includes Accolade, Battleax, Battle Wing and Exedra. More information can be found by viewing

Continental Tyres

There is a Continental bike tyre for all categories: Race & Track day, Racing Street, Hypersport, Sport Touring, Classic, Customer & Cruiser, Adventure Sport, Scooter. The new TKC 70 combines the best of the TKC 80 off-road tire and ContiTrailAttack 2 on-road Adventure tyre. ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO redefines the limits in Touring Sport. More information can be found by viewing

Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop manufactures and markets a wide range of motorcycle tyres to suit machines from 50cc Scooters through to Superbike race machines. Whether you're a club racer or adventure bike enthusiast, ride a high-performance sports bike, a Harley Davidson or scooter Dunlop have the right tyre for you. The popular tyre range includes Sportsmart, Sportmax, Qualifier II, Roadsmart, Trailmax, Geomax and Scootsmart. More information can be found by viewing