Firestone Tyres

Firestone agricultural tyres deliver maximum soil-protection for better crop growth and more yield while reducing tyre and vehicle operating costs. Ingenious casing construction and tread pattern design result in high driving-comfort, contributing to the farmer’s well-being. The Firestone Maxi Traction IF tyres feature a robust casing with sidewalls that enable a greater degree of flexing, thus allowing a lower pressure for the same load capacity, resulting in a larger footprint and a lower pressure on the soil. Firestone’s unique Dual Angle Lug-design technology, applied in most of their products contributes to more efficient farming. The unique lug-design results in excellent traction and self-cleaning and thus reduces fuel-consumption and operation-time in the field. Today’s heavy-duty farming equipment requires suitable tyres. Firestone tyres feature high load indexes, allow you to transport more load at a higher speed. For the most heavy operations such as front-loaders and harvesting-equipment, Firestone has several patterns and sizes with even higher load capacity. Firestone has a range of tyres for tractors, harvesting machinery, rowcrop, industrial, floation, free-rolling, forestry and even tractor-pulling. For more information view