BKT Tyres

BKT has evolved over the years and today it enjoys enviable brand recognition in the off highway tyre segment across the world. BKT low ground pressure trailer tyres have a unique tread design providing excellent grip required for road application including winter condition, excellent self cleaning, low rolling resistance, optimum tread depth for longer life, wider foot print with more contact area provided better stability and specially designed to carry higher loads at higher speeds up to 65 km/h. Agrimax Terris have been designed for the most modern harvesting equipment, where flotation and reduced soil compaction is extremely important. BKT flotation low ground pressure cross ply trailer tyres are specially designed for high load capacities at low inflation pressures, minimizing soil compaction and preventing damage to crops and ideally suited for agricultural implement & trailer uses both on and off the road. BKT extra large series (high volume) tractor tyres, BKT Agrimax Fortis are suitable for high power tractors, and allows to carry very high loads at low pressure. For more information on products view www.bkt-tires.com.