Agricultural Tyres

It's not always easy getting a tractor with a flat tyre into town. That's why our fleet of mobile tyre fitting vehicles are always on call to pay you a visit no matter how big the tyre!

We've plenty of experience with tyres for tractors and agricultural vehicles and also plant. Being located in rural North Yorkshire, plenty of our local farming folk have grown to rely on our quick, efficient and friendly service. We can get hold of an extensive range of stock from leading brand to budget.

Ian Brown Tyres offer a 24 hour on-site service catering for the fitment of new tyres, puncture repairs or ballasting on all agricultural and plant vehicles. Our service vehicles come equipped to the highest standard and all of our tyre fitters are fully trained skilled individuals.

Simply give us a call with your requirements and we’ll quote you straight away.

Firestone Tyres

Firestone agricultural tyres deliver maximum soil-protection for better crop growth and more yield while reducing tyre and vehicle operating costs. Ingenious casing construction and tread pattern design result in high driving-comfort, contributing to the farmer’s well-being. The Firestone Maxi Traction IF tyres feature a robust casing with sidewalls that enable a greater degree of flexing, thus allowing a lower pressure for the same load capacity, resulting in a larger footprint and a lower pressure on the soil. Firestone’s unique Dual Angle Lug-design technology, applied in most of their products contributes to more efficient farming. The unique lug-design results in excellent traction and self-cleaning and thus reduces fuel-consumption and operation-time in the field. Today’s heavy-duty farming equipment requires suitable tyres. Firestone tyres feature high load indexes, allow you to transport more load at a higher speed. For the most heavy operations such as front-loaders and harvesting-equipment, Firestone has several patterns and sizes with even higher load capacity. Firestone has a range of tyres for tractors, harvesting machinery, rowcrop, industrial, floation, free-rolling, forestry and even tractor-pulling. For more information view

Michelin Tyres

Michelin's proven farm tyre designs enable them to combine soil protection, fuel savings and long service life in one tyre. It's these three key elements of performance that make Michelin agricultural tyres the choice of professional farmers on a daily basis. Michelin's Ultraflex technologies produce a larger footprint, which protects your soil on your farm from compaction and rutting. Air and water penetrate more freely. Conditions are therefore improved for maximum crop response. The larger footprint considerably increases traction, resulting in a clear reduction in tractor wheel slip, enabling you to work faster and save on fuel! Reinforced sidewalls and special rubber compounds make agricultural tyres with Michelin Ultraflex technologies extremely strong, even at lower pressure. Michelin's range include tyres for tractors, harvesters, sprayers, trailers and compact industrial machines. More information can be found by viewing

BKT Tyres

BKT has evolved over the years and today it enjoys enviable brand recognition in the off highway tyre segment across the world. BKT low ground pressure trailer tyres have a unique tread design providing excellent grip required for road application including winter condition, excellent self cleaning, low rolling resistance, optimum tread depth for longer life, wider foot print with more contact area provided better stability and specially designed to carry higher loads at higher speeds up to 65 km/h. Agrimax Terris have been designed for the most modern harvesting equipment, where flotation and reduced soil compaction is extremely important. BKT flotation low ground pressure cross ply trailer tyres are specially designed for high load capacities at low inflation pressures, minimizing soil compaction and preventing damage to crops and ideally suited for agricultural implement & trailer uses both on and off the road. BKT extra large series (high volume) tractor tyres, BKT Agrimax Fortis are suitable for high power tractors, and allows to carry very high loads at low pressure. For more information on products view

Vredestein Tyres

Vredestein are well respected agricultural specialists and with good reason. They make tyres of superb quality and continually use their technological expertise to continually develop market leading products. Vredestein's Traxion tractor tyre has a revolutionary design, giving optimal performance, comfort and safety on the land and during transportation. It also reduces wear which increases life span. Vredestein's Flotation trailer tyre has a large load capacity at low pressure so makes it ideal for heavy duty work. It is suited to silage trailers, muck spreaders, tippling trailers and harvesting machinery. Vredestein also has a range of tyres for smaller agricultural equipment, lawn and groundwork machinery and industrial machinery. More information can be found by viewing